At Little Pebbles School House, my passion is to help lay a solid foundation for your child's future success. They will make friends, learn God's Word, be ready for Kindergarten and HAVE FUN! I am so Excited for You to Join my Preschool Family!

At Little Pebbles:

  • Know that your child is in an environment where spiritual growth is just as important as social, emotional and academic growth.

  • Have peace of mind that your preschooler is on track and will be more than ready for kindergarten

  • Help your child socialize and learn to make friends

  • Have someone else teach and entertain your child every day

  • Give your child something to look forward to

  • Create a fun, loving childhood for your child


Rockwall's Premier Preschool Program for Ages 3-5

So you can rest easy at night, knowing your child will be prepared for kindergarten, make friends, and have fun all while keeping Jesus front and center.

When you're here, you're family! You'll love our warm, bright in-home preschool, and your child will love our 1-on-1 attention with our small class sizes of just 6-8 students!

I'm Passionate About Teaching!

Hi! I'm Miss Andie, and for the last 30 years, I have been working with children of ALL ages. From newborn through teenage. I have a background in Early Childhood Education as well as Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry.

I do not have any children of my own, but I am surrounded by many kids (of all ages) that I have had the opportunity to teach and I love them all dearly. The 3 "kids" I do have, all have 4 legs.

I am in a new Season of my life, and am excited that now, I get to teach YOUR child! I can't wait!!

Your Child Will Love Everything About Their New Preschool! They Will:

Get Excited to Go to Preschool Every Day!

Each day, they’ll stay engaged with all our interactive, hands-on activities like story time, songs, hands-on activities, arts and crafts, movement games, learning centers, and more.

Have Fun and Stay Engaged While Learning!

Our daily activities will spark your child’s creativity in such a fun way that your child will develop an endless love of learning and will never be bored during class.

Thrive with a Consistent Schedule!

Your child will have the same teacher, friends, and schedule every day.

Make Close Friends!

Your child will soon have several best friends in class!


"If you are looking for someone who will love your kids like they are her own, Someone who will get down and play with your kids and have fun. Someone who will teach your kids about the world around them all while showing them the love of Jesus.. then you are looking for Miss Andie. ~Wendy T.

"My daughter, who clings to me like nobody's business, dives into Miss Andie's arms every time she sees her! I know that when I hand her over, Miss Andie will love on her and teach her lessons that align with the Bible. There is no doubt in my mind that she is safe and loved. ~ Mary C.

"This preschool has exceeded our expectations by far! We recommend you to anyone and everyone!" - Kami S.

What Curriculum do we use here?

We Use a Combination of Horizons and Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum!

Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum Has Been Proven in Over 5,000 Local and Online Preschools!

Horizons is a Christian based Curriculum that teaches all about God's world through His Word.

Rest easy at night, knowing your child is getting the best preschool education to learn God's word and prepare your child for what's ahead!

Your Child Will Develop ALL the Skills Needed for Success!

In our preschool, we teach all the skills below in an engaging, hands-on way!

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Emotional Skills
  • Literacy Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Math Skills
  • Social Skills

Check Out Everything We Do Each Preschool Class!

And Each Day We Play In Our Learning Centers Too!

Here's Everything You'll Get With Our



"I'm going to preschool!"

Tuition: $224/mo.

Reg. Fee: $100


9-12:30 p.m.


"I LOVE preschool!"

Tuition: $336/mo.

Reg. Fee: $100


9-12:30 p.m.


"I want to go to preschool


Tuition: $560/mo.

Reg. Fee: $100


9-12:30 p.m.

Got Questions?


What is your health and safety policy?

We follow all local guidelines, including our 24-hour sickness policy (your child must be clear of the following symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school: fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea).

Do I have to buy school supplies or pay for field trips?

No. Your supplies are included with the cost of registration. All events and field trips are free for your entire family!

Can I take a tour first?

Yes! We would love to give you a tour of our preschool. During the tour, we'll tell you all about us. At the end, we'll ask: "Would you like your child to come to our preschool?" If so, that's when we'll have you fill out the registration form and we'll collect the registration fee. Please call us to schedule a tour.

When does preschool start?

Our school year runs Aug.-May (10 months).

2023-2024 School year is starting late at Little Pebbles. Please Call/Text

Call Us Now to Schedule a Tour and Reserve Your Spot:


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